Thursday, 13 June 2013


Of course, I'm a Potterhead.*

Every great great 90s born child definitely has to be a Potterhead. And if you're reading this and you're born in the 90s and HAVEN'T read Harry Potter, I suggest you look away from this blog right now. #Imperio#

**Harry Potter, a young 11-year-old kid living in the cupboard under the stairs with his brutal Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon and his cousin Dudley, was an unusual boy, as pointed out many times throughout the series. He is a boy with untidy hair, wears extremely loose garments and is bespectacled with a very iconic pair of glasses. The only thing that needs to be taken account of in his not-so-magical appearance was his lightning-shaped scar and his fantastical emerald eyes. For it is those emerald eyes, of his mother, that dictate the pandemonium that is Harry's life.

Yesterday, 12th June was 3 years since the magic of Potter ended. Or so some say.
Harry Potter's generation of the 90s continues in roaring rage in Twitter, in Facebook and (a thing I absolutely love) Tumblr. Twitter accounts dedicated to Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and many more stars of Harry Potter are amazingly linked with each and every aspect of Harry Potter and its beautiful world. Tumblr accounts houses so many posts and links and things to Harry Potter, it is hilarious to read and be amazed and the ever-growing popularity of an era, that apparently ended 3 years ago.

My title #3YearsSinceLumosBecameNox even trended in some regions of the World on 12th June.

Anyway, sorry for keeping this post short and acting pompous. I was trying to make sense of what my thoughts are currently.

God, I speak like a John Green character.



**This is not a summary of Harry Potter, mind you. I'm sure many Potterheads reading this might even pinpoint my many mistakes (if there are any, hmpf) and those educated in Potterlore might even want to add something. This post is just a dedication to Harry Potter and the Magical World.

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