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Hey ...

So, I'm really happy that you clicked the 'About Me' button to know a bit more about who posts about crappy music and crappy books. Sarcasm? You earned it.

Nope, I'm not snappy and neither am I rude. I think.

Anyway, I'm just your average girl-next-door bitch (just revealed my gender) who sticks inside her house, listening to all kinds of music and reading every genre of books she can lay her hands on. I love food, I love books, I love quotes, I love poems that don't make sense to others, I love Harry Potter, I love shy guys, I've never dated, my ambition is to program stuff in Google (if you're a person who works in Google, OHMYGOD, HI!) and most importantly, i'm a very anti-social person.

In other words, I'm really really really shy.

But, you know, there are some things that make for good conversation in my life. Things that are listed on my home page. Just a few things right now, but, hey, I'm 16 (just revealed my age) and I got lots to do and more to discover. Just remember a simple quote about me:

"My thoughts                     are stars                                   I cannot fathom                                                            into constellations"

- Augustus Waters*, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

x x

*And, yeah, I'm in love with about 5 fictional characters. I just revealed one to you.

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